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Policies on inspection and quarantine

Updated: 2016-03-01

1. For enterprises within the zone, warehousing logistics cargo, office supplies used in-house and raw materials used for export processing that come from abroad are exempt from compulsory certification.

2. Cargo is exempt from inspection and quarantine if it comes from a non-bonded zone to the free trade zone, then back to a non-boned zone.

3. For temporary warehousing in the free trade zone, entrepot cargo requiring inspection and quarantine that will be exported with its original packaging in good condition will only require outer packaging entry inspection and quarantine.

4. Cargo entering the free trade zone that exits to the domestic market is exempt from re-inspection and re-quarantine during the validity period of the inspection and quarantine.

5. Entrepot cargo that requires inspection and quarantine will not be inspected and quarantined again upon export unless there are special requirements prescribed by law or administrative regulations, or by the government of the export destination.

6. The transferring and marketing of cargo requiring between enterprises within the zone are exempt from inspection and quarantine.

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