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Updated: 2016-04-07

The Xi'an International Trade and Logistic Park plans to develop into an influential international inland port in China targeting both the domestic and international market. It will help to improve the investment environment and set up a solid platform to undertake industrial transfer from China's eastern coastal area and the world.

The Park has become a hot spot of investment in the logistics industry. At present, the Park has signed project investment agreements respectively with five logistics enterprises, including CWT Limited of Singapore and Hongkong Howard Group Development Ltd. Focusing on such businesses as modern logistics, international trade and export-oriented processing, the Park will strive to build itself into the largest national export-oriented economic service zone in western China.

Facilities cover general business, finance, insurance, consultation, training, exhibitions, bus terminals, and vehicle maintenance.

Facilities for residents include kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools, a business center, medical care, cultural, and entertainment.

The center will provide other services, such as notary, legal, accounting, auditing, entrepreneurs, human resources, investment, loans, information, consultation, technology, intellectual property rights, arbitration, and freight.


Military-civilian cooperation deal signed in Xi'an


The Xi'an ITL Park signed a cooperation agreement with Shaanxi Hangtian Hospital, a military hospital in Shaanxi province, on Aug 1.

Xi'an ITL Park urged to boost innovation and entrepreneurship


The Xi'an ITL Park has been urged to scale-up entrepreneurship and innovation to an international level.

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