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Lectures lead developments in Xi'an ITL Park


Updated: 2017-08-04

A series of business and finance lectures was held in the Xi'an International Trade & Logistics (ITL) Park's Midwest Inland Port Financial Town (MIPFT) on July 28, drawing 150 representatives from the ITL administrative committee and assorted enterprises to attend.

A speech on cross-borders e-commerce in free trade zones was given by Zhang Yu, director of the Shaanxi e-commerce branch of the State-owned postal service provider China Post Group.

In collaboration with the ITL administrative committee, MIPFT intends to regularly invite officials and experts of finance, imports and exports, logistics and property to share experiences and analyze current development trends.

Through sharing up-to-date information and technology with partners in the town, MIPFT hopes to foster development and lead the ITL Park to prosperity.

The financial town, a cutting-edge trading platform financed by commodities giant Maike Group, is one of 60 key support projects under the national Belt and Road Initiative.

Over 3,000 employees from 100 companies work in the 320,000-square–meter town, contributing to an annual trade volume of $500 million.

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