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Xi'an celebrates 1st Farmers' Day

Updated: 2018-03-16

Xi'an, capital of Northwest China's Shaanxi province, celebrated its first Farmers' Day on Sunday, commending contributions to the region's agricultural and rural development.

Prizes were awarded to 10 outstanding farmers, 10 most beautiful villages and 10 outstanding village Party chiefs for their contributions to boosting agricultural and rural development.

The Xi'an Farmers' Day was held on Sunday, the second day of the second month on the Chinese lunar calendar, which marks the beginning of the busy spring farming period.

"We farmers now have our own day. It is really exciting," said Wang Xunchang, one of the 10 farmers.

The event included activities such as singing competition, rural tourism experience and seminars.

"The day provides an opportunity for farmers to put their work on display, which will increase their sense of pride and confidence," said Li Lutang, professor at Northwest A&F University." It will attract more people to take part in the revitalization of rural areas."