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ITL optimizes business environment


Updated: 2018-07-04

Xi'an International Trade and Logistics (ITL) Park has optimized its business environment, with improvements being made in work efficiency and service quality over the past year.

The Chang'an international freight train arrived at Xi'an Port with 160 imported Volvo cars and SUVs on June 13. It was the first freight train to arrive in Xi'an since its imported vehicles port was put into use. The trains received a lot of attention due to the high-efficiency of the ITL Park.

Xi'an Port received orders from Volvo on March 15, after it was approved by the State Council in May 2017 to become the import port for finished vehicles.

The Port Office of Shaanxi, Shaanxi Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, Xi'an Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Xi'an Customs and other departments worked together to shorten the application period and simplify approval procedures.

The port, which broke ground on March 23 by passing qualification approval within seven days, became the most efficient port among similar ports in China, with all construction and approval procedures being finished within 36 days.

Xi'an ITL Park is currently working closely with Xi'an Customs to innovate customs clearance services and improve customs clearance efficiency, creating an optimal business environment.

As of May 28, the Chang'an international freight train had operated 360 trains in 2018, with a total cargo weight of 375,600 tons. The train and freight volume are 1.85 times and 1.61 times that of the previous year, respectively.

The "Internet Plus government services" model is currently providing new ways for Xi'an ITL Park to improve administrative efficiency and optimize its business environment.

A digital government visualization operation platform officially came online in June.

The platform collects and analyzes data from existing systems for queuing and business approval to show the real-time efficiency and window service progress.

Other measures, such as the establishment of a government service station and a 24-hour self-service letter box, have also helped put government work under surveillance and optimize services.

"We will continue to deepen structural reform of government services to continuously optimize our business environment and provide better government service support", said an official from the ITL Park.

A total of 292 administrative approval items have been integrated into the "one-stop "service window.

The park has also cut red tape in the review and approval process in order to make things more convenient for companies and individuals. Roughly 80 percent of administrative approval items can be dealt with in one visit.

Housing subsidies have been provided for employees from enterprises of key supported industries and office rent and factory subsidies have been prepared for eligible enterprises.

"Xi'an ITL Park has helped Uxin Group solve various problems encountered during the landing process, such as certifications for commercial registration and staff accommodation" said Dai Kun, president of Uxin Group, a leading online used car trade store.

Xi'an ITL Park is becoming a very attractive destination for national and even world-renowned enterprises due to its pro-business and mercantilist environment.

Xi'an opens cargo flight to Tianjin


The Boeing 737 air freighter of Tianjin Cargo Airlines landed at the Xi'an Xianyang International Airport on Jan 22, after a two-hour flight, marking the official opening of the cargo flight from Xi'an to Tianjin.

Shaanxi's first intangible cultural heritage organization launched


The Shaanxi Intangible Cultural Heritage Industry Alliance was established in Xi'an on Jan 19. It is the first organization in Shaanxi to focus on the development and protection of intangible cultural heritage items.

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