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First HS&TIER held in Xi'an


Updated: 2018-08-30

The JD Xi'an first Hard Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (HS&TIEC) was held in Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi province, on Aug 29. The event is hosted by the Xi'an science and technology bureau, the management committee of the Xi'an National Civil Aerospace Industry Base and JD Group.

First HS&TIER held in Xi'an

The first Xi'an Hard Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is held on Aug 29. [Photo/xiancn.com]

A total of 60 projects participated in the competition, of which hard science and technology projects accounted for 70 percent.

The event was divided into hard science and technology competitions A and B and the consumption upgrading competition. The three competitions were judged by experts and scored in terms of technology and products, business models and implementation plans, industry and market, and teamwork.

The event will select the 15 hard-tech projects and 10 consumption upgrading projects with the highest scores to enter the final and determine which projects will participate in the JD training session, as well as sign more than 10 entrepreneurial instructors in different fields.

Yang Zhen, director of the Xi'an center of judging expert international industrial subcontract cooperation and exchange, said participating projects in the field of consumption upgrading have high technical standards and strong industrialization ability with broad market prospects, which will form economic and social benefits in the future.

Zhao Zhengxin, general manager of Kaixing Electronic Technology Co, said the enterprise's "Smart Energy Saving Management Platform" can provide hospitals, hotels, industrial parks, and commercial complexes with smart energy management solutions.

He also hoped that the project would have more investment institutions and become an important force in Xi'an hard technology through the competition.

The Xi'an Innovative Development Summit Forum of the Implementation of Aerospace Industry and the Xi'an "Beidou Star" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Final Competition were held on Aug 28, the day before HS&TIEC, in order to attract more high-end talents in the hard science and technology industry, promote the development of Xi'an's aerospace industry and create a good entrepreneurial and investment environment.

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