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First shared train departs from Xi'an


Updated: 2018-09-17

The K5488 shared train departed from Xi'an Railway Station on Sept 14, carrying more than 1,000 passengers eager to participate in Yulin's Sept 16 marathon event.

First shared train departs from Xi'an

A group photo of the marathon runners before leaving for Yulin, Shaanxi province. [Photo/xiancn.com]

Kang Kai, leader of the Xi'an running group, said the marathon only takes half a day to complete, but many runners don't want to participate due to the long travel time between Xi'an and Yulin.

The marathon's organizing committee has been struggling to increase enthusiasm for the event.

To solve the problem, Xi'an Railway Station designed a custom train for the runners which departs from Xi'an on Friday evening and returns on Sunday afternoon, providing tickets and travel services such as a special waiting area and guidance for passengers on the train.

The organizing committee opened a special lane for the shared train, and hotels in Yulin offered price concessions for shared train passengers.

First shared train departs from Xi'an

The shared train (Xi'an-Yulin) ticket. [Photo/xiancn.com]

Passengers can share resources through the shared train internet platform and fill in their personal booking requirements through using a scan code. Other services, such as Yulin tours, are also offered.

Such shared products not only attract runners, but also backpackers and elderly who generally travel on weekends.

The train provided passengers with healthier meals, reducing the amount of salt and oil and increasing protein.

The shared train online platform also updates the marathon information in real time and provides individual post-game results for the runners.

China Railway Xi'an Group Co will continue to expand and improve services.

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