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ITL Park simplifies business service process


Updated: 2018-09-18

Hao Jun, the elevator safety manager for Xi'an International Lugang Property Management Co, recently completed registration for 10 elevators in less than 30 minutes, greatly surprising him.

Companies in Xi'an International Trade and Logistics (ITL) Park have been able to register their elevators online since April 27, 2018.

Users simply fill in their equipment information on the elevator safety supervision information platform and apply for approval online. The electronic registration certificate can be used in place of the physical certificate.

A paper certificate can be mailed to users for free.

Li Ming, director of the Xi'an ITL Park quality supervision bureau, said it is now much easier for elevator personnel to handle elevator-related approval items thanks to the new online platform.

It is also easier for supervisors to stay up to date on the status of elevator equipment. When something goes wrong with an elevator, the system will automatically alert supervisors, allowing them to deal with problems more efficiently.

To build an optimal business environment, ITL Park has been continuously exploring innovative government service models and promoting the integration of internet and government to improve efficiency and quality.

ITL Park also makes use of the advanced online service network of the park's comprehensive service hall to provide enterprises with around-the-clock service and a mobile phone online booking service.

ITL Park will promote the new mode of elevator supervision using the safety equipment supervision platform built by the Xi'an quality supervision bureau.

At present, the bureau is actively promoting the "double-network integration" of the government service network and the special equipment safety supervision information platform with the Comprehensive Service Hall, which can be seamlessly connected on the computer and mobile terminals, allowing enterprises to log into the website at the park.

Thanks to the "online pre-audit-online processing-mail delivery" approach, ITL Park has handled 67 sub-businesses in 15 categories, which have been well received by the business enterprises in ITL Park.

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