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Xi'an strives to build international metropolis


Updated: 2018-09-28

Xi'an is consolidating its position as the starting point of the Silk Road by building itself into an international metropolis designed to strengthen cooperation and exchange between Asia and Europe.

In recent years, various international exhibitions and high-end forums were held in Xi'an, including three Eurasian Economic Forums discussing the Belt and Road Initiative, two World Xi'an Entrepreneurs Conventions, the 2018 China Top 500 Enterprise Summit Forum, and the 2018 Global Venture Capital Summit, all of which are designed to promote cooperation on international economic and trade issues as well as cultural exchange.

Xi'an strives to build international metropolis

The opening ceremony for the second World Xi'an Entrepreneurs Convention held in Xi'an on June 30, 2018. [Photo by Dou Yiming/xiancity.cn]

Xi'an also signed strategic Belt and Road framework agreements with cities such as Fuzhou and Quanzhou in Fujian province, and Jiuquan in Gansu province.

As of now, 22 countries have been persuaded to set up consulates and visa centers in Xi'an. The Xi'an Belt and Road International Business Center was officially unveiled in May of this year to support the China-Britain Business Council, Canadian Association for Business Economics and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council in establishing representative offices in Xi'an.

A total of eight financial institutions have set up bases in Xi'an this year. In the latest issue of China's financial center index ranking, Xi'an's financial competitiveness ranked 8th among sub-provincial cities.

The added value of Xi'an's financial industry reached 45.54 billion yuan ($6.62 billion) in the first half of this year, accounting for 11.9 percent of its GDP and ranking 7th among sub-provincial cities.

Since the beginning of 2017, a large number of major logistics companies have visited Xi'an, including JD and Shanghai YTO Express (Logistics) Co, and several major cooperation projects have been initiated.

Xi'an strives to build international metropolis

The JD headquarters in Xi'an. [Photo by Dou Yiming/xiancity.cn]

The Belt and Road Initiative has transformed Xi'an from an inland hinterland to a major corridor to the west and has accelerating its transformation into an international logistics hub city.

The Xi'an Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Xi'an Aviation Base Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Xi'an Railway Container Center, Xi'an Class 1 Highway (Rail) Open Port and designated ports for the import of meat, grain, vehicles and chilled aquatic products have been put into operation.

Chang'an China-Europe freight trains, which originated in China's largest inland port, Xi'an Port, have already begun operating on nine boutique routes in Europe and Central Asia. In the first eight months of this year, there were a total of 789 trips with a heavy load rate close to 100 percent and a freight volume of 820,000 metric tons.

Xi'an strives to build international metropolis

The Xi'an-Moscow China-Europe freight train begins operating on Dec 6, 2016. [Photo by Wangjian/xiancity.cn]

Xi'an Xianyang International Airport has implemented a 72-hour transit visa exemption policy for citizens of 51 countries and has opened 337 domestic and international routes connecting five continents.

Xi'an customs also signed the Silk Road Economic Belt Customs Cooperation Agreement with 10 domestic customs offices including Qingdao and Jinan in Shangdong province, in order to achieve 24-hour customs clearance, 30 percent increase in efficiently.

Xi'an will lead northwestern China as an international logistics hub city connecting Asia, Europe and Africa. In the future, the modern logistics service system, with a value of tens of billions of dollars, will become a pillar industry in Xi'an.

Xi'an is becoming increasingly international, with the total value of imports and exports in the city growing by more than 25 percent for 18 consecutive months.

In 2017, Xi'an established 36 overseas investment institutions and reformed 25 of them. The number of foreign investment enterprises reached 289.

Overseas investment projects being carried out by Xi'an enterprises include the wholesale, retail, manufacturing, and mining industries, among others, and are mainly distributed in Kyrgyzstan, Australia and the United States.

In the future, Xi'an will encourage more local enterprises to invest in the international market and promote the integration of Xi'an manufacturing, service and branding in order to build an international metropolis.

ZQ-1 rocket assembled in Xi'an, eyes Oct liftoff


China's first private-sector carrier rocket, "Zhuque-1" (ZQ-1), was successfully assembled and tested in Xi'an on Sept 25. It will be transported to the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center and is expected to be launched to the Sun Synchronous Orbit (SSO) satellite at the end of October.

ITL Park attracts attention of media outlets


More than 40 media presidents and editors-in-chief of the Belt and Road City Party Newspaper Alliance paid a visit to Xi'an International Trade and Logistics (ITL) Park on Sept 19.

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