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Xi'an Metro operates efficiently during National Day


Updated: 2018-10-09

A total of 18.64 million passengers were serviced by Xi'an Metro during the National Day holiday between Sept 30 and Oct 7, with an average daily passenger volume of 2.32 million. Passenger volume reached its peak on Sept 30, with 2.95 million people.

A total of 14,777 metro trains ran during the National Day holiday, that's 1,547 trains per day.

The metro control center adjusted the number of standby trains according to demand. During peak hours, 50 trains were added to improve transportation capacity during the holiday.

Xi'an Metro operates efficiently during National Day

Employees at Xi'an Metro carefully check the machines at the station. [Photo/xiancn.com]

Xi'an Metro earned praise when it successfully prevented the delay of several high-speed trains at Xi'an North Station on Oct 1 by launching a linkage mechanism.

Workers at all levels of Xi'an Metro heroically sacrificed their holidays to provide service security at key metro stations as well as assist in passenger care and inquiries.

Xi'an Metro also set up emergency detachments at key stations to ensure safety and orderliness at access points, platforms, and elevators.

All 63 stations of Xi'an Metro implemented the first-level security inspection protocol to prevent dangerous goods from entering the stations.

Xi'an Metro also officially launched the first "audio library" train on Oct 1 in order to further explore the profound historical and cultural heritage of Xi'an and improve reading awareness among the public. Passengers just need to scan the code and they can listen to any book on the train.

Xi'an Metro operates efficiently during National Day

Xi'an metro's first "audio library" train. [Photo/cnwest.com]

Xi'an Metro operates efficiently during National Day

The entrance of Xiaozhai Station on Xi'an Metro Line 2. [Photo/xiancn.com]


Nobel Prize winner shares advanced brain finds in Xi'an


Professor Edvard Moser, winner of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, gave a lecture on "Space and Time in the Brain" at Taibai campus of Northwest University on Sept 26.

Xi'an strives to build international metropolis


Xi'an is consolidating its position as the starting point of the Silk Road by building itself into an international metropolis designed to strengthen cooperation and exchange between Asia and Europe.

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