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ITL Park introduces oil paintings through ATA carnet

Updated: 2018-10-17

A total of 70 oil paintings from Kazakhstan arrived in Xi'an port in the Xi'an International Trade and Logistics (ITL) Park on Oct 15 in the form of temporary display ATA carnets.

The oil paintings from Kazakhstan arrive in Xi'an Port. [Photo/itl.gov.cn]

This is the first time that Xi'an has imported oil paintings through the ATA carnets. The ATA carnet, created by the World Customs Organization, often referred to as a passport for goods, is an international customs document that permits the tax and duty-free temporary export and import of nonperishable goods for up to one year.

ATA is actually an acronym based on the French Admission Temporaire and English Temporary Admission.

By using ATA carnets, enterprises are not required to pay customs duties and can directly conduct exhibitions and sales and pay customs duties according to the transaction. Unpaid exhibits are not subject to customs duties and can be returned to the exporting country.

The ATA carnet has improved customs clearance efficiency and reduced corporate costs, which is of great significance to promoting cultural exchange along the Belt and Road.

At present, 76 countries and regions around the world can use ATA carnets for customs clearance. China has been using the ATA carnet system since January 1998, with the China International Chamber of Commerce acting as the issuer and guarantor of China's ATA carnet.

In China, the scope of ATA carnets is limited to goods for use in exhibitions, trade fairs, conferences and similar events.

Shaanxi Silucheng Holding Group, an enterprise in ITL Park which imported Kazakhstan's oil paintings, is using ATA carnets as a way to strengthen cultural exchange between China and Kazakhstan while relying on the resource advantages of Xi'an Port and the Shaanxi (Xi'an) Free Trade Zone.

Xi'an customs and Shaanxi Silucheng Holding Group inspect the oil paintings. [Photo/itl.gov.cn]

The 70 oil paintings are works by artists of the Kazakhstan Artists Association, mainly focusing on landscapes, humanity and animals.

"Our company is mainly engaged in cross-border e-commerce business for Central Asia and Russia, and is committed to building an international exchange channel for national enterprises along the Silk Road," said Wang Qi'er, assistant to the president of Shaanxi Silucheng Holding Group Co.

In the past, the company focused more on export, but it started importing products this year with the help of Xi'an Port and Chang'an freight trains, hoping to benefit more SMEs in countries along the Silk Road.

Shaanxi Silucheng Holding Group will hold an oil painting exhibition in ITL Park, hoping to promote cultural exchange between China and Kazakhstan and further enhance trade and cultural exchange between Xi'an and countries along the Silk Road.

One of the 70 oil paintings from Kazakhstan. [Photo/itl.gov.cn]