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No 1 standard workshop lease project

Updated: 2018-11-06

The No 1 standard workshop in the Xi'an Comprehensive Bonded Zone (Phase I) is a six-story building with a total floor area of 72,308 square meters. The ground floor area measures 57,245 sq m and the underground area measures 15,063 sq m. Total investment is about 220 million yuan ($36 million).

Each floor is well-equipped with freight elevators, offices, electrical substation (a place to transform voltage from high to low), tea rooms and washrooms. The frame-type standard workshop is designed to resist a magnitude 8.0 earthquake. It has a grade II building safety ranking, level II fire resistance ranking and level II endurance ranking. Water and electricity supply, drainage, fire control facilities, traffic and patrol lanes, main electric power engineering, a port work zone and an isolation fence are provided.

The project provides a platform for export-oriented enterprises engaging in export processing, bonded storage and international trade. It gives priority to the introduction of high-tech industries including electronic information, biomedicine, software and new material. It also features equipment manufacturing in areas like aerospace, optical-mechanical-electrical, electric information and specialized machinery.

The project enjoys supporting preferential policies of the Xi'an Comprehensive Bonded Zone. The first batch of enterprises moving in is entitled to multiple preferential policies, including rent reduction or exemption and property subsidies.

To date, the major part of the project is basically completed. It will be officially handed over in August 2013. Rental registration starts now. The cooperation method is lease.

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