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Trade center of clothing and textile

Updated: 2018-11-06

Located in China South City of Xi'an International Trade and Logistics Park, the clothing and textile trade center is a comprehensive trading center with a construction area of 480,000 square meters. It is the largest single commercial building among the five provinces in Northwest China.

Upon its competition, the center will be the largest trade base for a variety of products, including clothing, textiles and leather. It will have significant influence in Xi'an and its neighboring provinces and cities.

The center will have a total of 12,000 shops, which are all independent properties to ensure sustainable operation.

The center is now underway and its first phase is expected to begin trial operation by the second half of 2013.

Address: 8 Gangwu Avenue, Xi'an International Trade and Logistics Park

Postcode: 710026

Tel: +86 139 9138 3637

Fax: +86 29 8350 2022

E-mail: zhangyuzhen@csc-sz.com