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Core business zone project in the Xi’an Highway Hub

Updated: 2018-11-06

The core business zone project in the Xi’an Highway Hub focuses on information transaction. Based in Xi’an and linked with the New Eurasian Land Bridge, the zone serves as a modern transportation and logistics hub in northwestern China.

The project has a total planned area of 120 hectares, and the construction area in the core business zone is about 40 hectares, with a 46.25-hectare parking area. The zone is home to the Five-Star Tower with five parking lots and many other facilities.

The Five-Star Tower consists of five detached buildings, connected by their roofs, with many logistics companies, an information center, transaction center, hotels, gourmet street, industry and commerce office, taxation office, banks, post office and police station.

The project is one of the three pillar platforms in the Xi’an International Trade and Logistics Park (ITL), and it is expected to help Xi’an expand as a comprehensive transport hub and market.

It is also set to offer an opportunity for the city to build a modern comprehensive logistics system based on transport, storage, delivery and e-commerce, so as to accelerate the transformation process of the city’s traditional transportation companies into modern logistics service companies.

The Xi’an ITL Park will provide water, electricity, heating and other auxiliary facilities for the project, which is estimated to have an expected average return of investment rate of about 13.82 percent and a payback period of five to eight years.

The project’s assessment and approval procedures have been completed, and other completed processes include the project’s feasibility research, management plan, operation pattern study, transport organization study, as well as transport affordability study.

In addition, the project’s engineering and construction blueprints have also been completed. Companies are welcome to take part in the project’s construction and operation by transferring, investing, and cooperation.

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