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Maike Midwest Bulk Commodity Trading Center

Updated: 2018-11-06

Midwest Bulk Commodity Trading Center is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xi’an Maike Metals International Group. It started construction in 2014 and opened in early 2015.

Maike Metals International Group is an enterprise specializing in bulk trading industry, and is one of the top suppliers for nonferrous metals and minerals in China. The group engages in fields of metal resources and nonferrous metals trade, processing and production, futures broker, and logistics. It has clients across 23 countries. Headquartered in Xi’an, it has set up over 20 operating offices in mainland China and Hong Kong with over 500 employees.

Occupying a ground space of 75.58 square meters, the Midwest Commodity Trading Center is located at Xi’an International Trade and Logistics Park. It is the biggest e-commerce logistics platform of bulk products in West China, dealing with storage, trading, processing, delivery, information sharing, and financial services.

Contact information:

 Address: Villa 1,QihangPark,Xi’an International Trade and Logistics Park

Tel: 029-88830869/13759931585 (Wang Xiaojin)

  029-83565219/13519116916 (Xue Pei)

Fax: 86(29)83567192

E-mail: xiaojin.wang@maikegroup.com; pei.xue@maikegroup.com