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ITL Park on mission to encourage reading


Updated: 2018-11-29

The management committee of Xi'an International Trade and Logistics (ITL) Park recently completed equipment construction work for a reading kiosk to promote the construction of a "city of books".

ITL Park on mission to encourage reading

The reading kiosk in ITL Park. [Photo/xiancity.cn]

A combination of a cantilever condenser microphone and recording monitor earphones, from input to output, the entire kiosk is made of professional-grade equipment, providing a basic guarantee for an excellent reading environment.

Other equipment includes 10-millimeter soundproof glass, custom soundproof strips, a top professional sound insulation layer and a silent air conditioner. The result is a perfectly created comfortable and quiet space of two square meters.

ITL Park on mission to encourage reading

A citizen experiences the reading kiosk. [Photo/xiancity.cn]

In addition, the reading library system accommodates a range of tastes so that there is something for everyone, including Tang poetry, poetry prose, classic film lines, famous articles in foreign languages and classical literature.

ITL Park set up the first free self-service book borrowing machine in the park in September with books from the Western Center of Publication Trading. From registering on one's mobile to actually being able to borrow books is a simple one-minute process.

ITL Park on mission to encourage reading

The first self-service book borrowing machine in ITL Park. [Photo/xiancity.cn]

ITL Park will next improve the area's reading infrastructure and service system as part of its plans to continuously upgrade the cultural infrastructure.

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