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Chang'an freight train makes 1,200+ trips in 2018

Updated: 2019-01-08

The Chang'an China-Europe international freight train made 1,235 trips in 2018, 6.37 times higher than the previous year, and delivered 1.2 million metric tons of goods, 5.18 times higher than the previous year.

The total value of goods transported by the train was $1.72 billion, 8.7 times higher than the previous year.

In 2018, the Xi'an International Trade and Logistics (ITL) Park launched five new routes from Xi'an to Belarus, Belgium, Latvia, and more.

The freight train currently operates 11 routesttaversing Central Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

The Xi'an ITL Park is also connected with the United States, Australia, New Zealand and other countries via sea and rail transport, forming a truly global silk road network.

The park employs logistics enterprises to manage freight transit. The Chang'an freight train has been steadily increasing its daily average to three to four columns from the previous one to two columns at the beginning of 2018.

Goods transported by the park have gradually expanded from just construction machinery to clothing, fast-moving consumer goods, electronic equipment, food, automobiles, etc.

The "channel + port, channel + e-commerce, channel + industry" model has allowed Xi'an and Shaanxi province to become a hub for trade and industry. The concentration of industries in Xi'an has provided a strong impetus for the operation of the Chang'an freight train.

Sun Yimin, director of the management committee of the Xi'an ITL Park, said that the Chang'an freight train will continue to insist on high-quality and market-oriented operations, aiming to make Xi'an the assembly center of West China.