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Infrastructure of Xi'an Comprehensive Bonded Zone

Updated: 2019-01-10

1. Water supply

Xi'an has an ample water supply with supply capacity of 181 tons daily. The water quality is in accordance with national drinking water standards. The rivers running through Xi'an International Trade & Logistics Park (XITLP) ensure the stable water supply in the zone. The water will be supplied by existing DN2000mm water transportation pipes during the project construction period.

2. Electricity supply

Xi'an is a load center for Shaanxi Electric Power Company, an important part of Northwest Power Grid Company. Several transmission lines of various voltage levels, including 330kV, 110kV and 35kV, transmit electricity from two substations in a northern suburb and Weiyang Lake to XITLP. The voltage of the two substations are 330kV and 110kV, respectively. Meanwhile, the zone will build three substations with a voltage of 110kV each.

3. Communication service

As one of 11 mail centers for first-class mail in the country, Xi'an is one of China's top six national communication centers. A telecommunications office and three post offices will be built in the zone. The Internet data center (IDC) of China Mobile will be built on Port Avenue in the zone.

4. Gas engineering

The zone will be equipped with a natural gas gate station. The transmission and distribution scheme will be operated in three different pressure systems with annual per capita gas consumption of 0.225 cubic meters per day.

5. Thermal engineering

The heat in the zone mainly comes from coal with natural gas boilers as a supplement. The zone's thermal engineering aims to achieve central heating in new residential areas and public buildings gradually.

A district boiler house and six hot water boilers of 70mW are projected in the zone. The heat load of heating and domestic hot water is charted out as 52 watts per square meter in the Xi'an Overall Plan in 2008-2020.