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Investment environment and advantages

Updated: 2019-01-10


Xi'an is an important city in China's interior, which sits on the New Eurasian Land Bridge, a land route that plays a vital role in China's western development strategy. The Center has a convenient transportation network and good infrastructure and is just five kilometers from the city's new administrative center, and 28 kilometers from Xi'an's Xianyang International Airport. Xi'an is also an important cultural site with an interesting environment.

Highway network

Xi'an is a transportation hub between East and West China and part of the national trunk highway system, which puts the center close to four national routes -- highways 210, 108, 310, and 312 -- and to other important motor routes, such as the Beijing–Kunming, Lianyungang-Khorgos, Shanghai-Xi'an, and Baotou-Maoming expressways. These are direct links to China's major coastal and land ports, including the Alataw Pass Port to the West and Erenhot to the North, and Xi'an is at the center of Shaanxi province's expressway network.

Container terminal

Xi'an's Container Terminal is at the Xi'an International Trade and Logistics Center and is the only one of its kind in China's Northwest and one of 18 in China. Cargo can be moved to various places across China via the Lianyungang-Lanzhou Railway line.

Air-freight services

Xi'an's International Trade and Logistics Center offers domestic and international air-freight services, via the Xianyang International Airport's 129 flight routes, 25 of them using international airlines. They cover more than 70 cities in China and 18 in other countries.

Subway and light rail lines

Work on subway lines 1 and 3 and the Xi'an-Lintong light rail line, which will connect the city center with the Xi'an Economic and Technological Development Zone, is still underway and is expected to greatly benefit the center in the future.