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Belt and Road Alliance launched for Chang'an freight train

Updated: 2019-01-17

The Belt and Road Alliance for China Railway Express (Chang'an) International Cooperation was officially launched on Jan 17 in Beijing. It was sponsored by the Chinese Voice Think Tank and Xi'an International Lugang Investment Development Group Co.

The Chang'an China-Europe freight train is an international freight train originating from the Xi'an International Trade and Logistics (ITL) Park.

Since the first train began operating on Nov 28, 2013, business around it has developed rapidly.

In 2018, the Chang'an China-Europe freight train made 1,235 trips, 6.37 times higher than the previous year, and delivered 1.2 million metric tons of goods, 5.18 times higher than the previous year. The total value of goods transported via the train was $1.72 billion, 8.7 times higher than the year before.

As a non-profit international cooperation organization, the alliance centers on Xi'an and focuses on government agencies, business associations, think tank platforms, multinational corporations and well-known institutions along the Belt and Road.

Based in the ITL Park's Xi'an Port and the Belt and Road International Cooperation and Free Trade Center, the alliance makes use of the international resources of the Chang'an international freight train to provide support for resource sharing and industry research and build a cooperation platform for governments and enterprises along the Belt and Road.

In the future, the alliance will take advantage of the policies of the China (Shaanxi) Free Trade Pilot Zone to explore the new model for Belt and Road international cooperation, combining it with Xi'an's existing international logistics channel, trade platform and financial services.


The Belt and Road Alliance for China Railway Express (Chang'an) International Cooperation is launched. [Photo/china.com.cn]