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ITL Park improves services for enterprises

Updated: 2019-01-17

"With the introduction of '24-hour self-service mailboxes', we no longer have to manually deliver materials between our company and various administrative departments," said Duan Suxia, an administrative worker at a grain and oil trading company in the Xi'an International Trade and Logistics (ITL) Park.

The "24-hour self-service mailbox" is a closed-loop system that combines the park's government affairs network with postal express delivery.

To use the new mailbox system, people just need to complete a pre-trial on the government service website and then place their materials in the mailbox. Government workers will then pick up the materials. Afterwards, a license will be placed inside the mailbox and a notification will be sent when it is received.

The ITL Park has already set up five "24-hour self-service mailboxes", providing services to more than 2,000 enterprises in the park.

In addition, the park has also established an online and offline cash approval payment model that allows enterprises to obtain financial subsidies in a timely manner.

As of right now, 60 percent of the park's government affairs can be handled online through data-sharing and online pre-examinations.