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Xi'an sets out goals for new year

Updated: 2019-02-28

Xi'an, capital of northwestern Shaanxi province, has vowed to reach new heights in 2019 with a package of economic and social development goals.

The city released its latest government work report earlier this month, which reviewed its performance in 2018, and also laid out its ambitions for development this year.

In 2018, the city succeeded in promoting the sustained and healthy development of its economy, with the city's comprehensive strength reaching a new level. The city's agriculture, cultural and tourism industries, its cultural influence and its people's livelihoods all saw significant improvements, according to the report.


The historic city of Xi'an strives to step into a new stage this year with a bunch of efforts in various fields, such as industry transformation and upgrading, bolstering private sector and improving livelihoods. Photos Provided to China Daily

The city's major economic and social development objectives in 2019 include increasing the gross regional product by about 7.8 percent, the general public budget by 6 percent and investment in fixed assets by 7 percent.

In addition, the city aims to increase the total retail sales of consumer goods by 9 percent, the output of industry above designated scale by 8.3 percent, and per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents by 7 percent and 8 percent, respectively. Meanwhile, the urban registered unemployment rate will be kept below 4 percent, and the consumer price index will rise about 3 percent. The amount of energy consumed for every 10,000 yuan ($1,494.6) gained in GDP in 2019 will be decreased by 2.8 percent, and the total discharge of major pollutants will be reduced.

Grasp opportunities and complete new tasks

To achieve these goals, city leaders say they will grasp great opportunities coming their way in 2019. For instance, they expect opportunities to arise because of the city's central geographical position, especially in light of the construction of comprehensive reform and opening-up pilot zone of Belt and Road Initiative in Xi'an. City leaders will insist on the deepening of supply-side structural reforms, gathering advanced production factors and accelerating industrial transformation and upgrading. They aim to upgrade the level of the industrial chain, smooth the economic cycle and coordinate the balanced development of space, scale and industry so as to build a modern industrial system with Xi'an characteristics.

Grasping the opportunity to increase infrastructure investment, the city will accelerate the construction of major projects in sectors, including transportation, logistics, energy, municipal administration, environmental protection, agriculture and the development of rural areas. Efforts will also be made to promote the renovation of hydropower and heating facilities, shanty towns and underground comprehensive pipeline corridors. The city said it will fight a proactive battle to overcome any shortcomings in its infrastructure.

To bolster private sector, the city will take more innovative measures to optimize the business environment, promote investment and support the development of private enterprises so as to make breakthroughs in the private economy, achieving wider opening-up and faster reform.

The report directs city leaders to grasp opportunities to improve people's livelihoods. The city will accelerate the development of service industries, such as education, childcare, elderly care, medical care, culture and tourism, increase the supply of high-quality services, coordinate and optimize the household registration service and supporting measures for talented professionals, continuously make practical efforts to improve people's sense of progress, happiness and safety.

The city has also listed a total of 10 key tasks for its work in 2019. The list includes preventing and controlling pollution, alleviating poverty, and establishing measures against major economic risks.

The city will build a competitive modern industrial system by promoting the high-quality development of its manufacturing industry, improving the development quality of its modern service industry, developing the private sector and improving financial services for its economic entities.

According to the government work report, the city will support the development of major projects and key enterprises, such as Huawei, ZTE, BYD, Shaanxi Auto and Bright Laser Technologies, and build a brand image around the themes "Made in Xi'an" and "Innovation in Xi'an".

The city will strive to add more than 100 new industrial enterprises in the year. Meanwhile, it will expand effective investment and focus on the quality and efficiency of investment. More than 18 new 10 billion yuan projects will be signed during the year, more than 330 billion yuan of domestic capital will be introduced, and more than 7 billion yuan of foreign capital will be utilized in 2019.

The city will continue to build a number of distinctive and innovative towns, and coordinate and promote 738 key projects at city level.

To help create a favorable business environment, the city will combine the internet with government services so as improve work efficiency. It will also boost entrepreneurship with favorable measures and policies.