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ITL Park sets up ‘general grid’ management system

Updated: 2019-02-28

The Xi'an International Trade and Logistics (ITL) Park has set up an integrated management system–known as a "general grid"–to manage the 41 villages and communities under its administration.

The "general grid" allows the park to better manage safe construction and production procedures, public security, and people's livelihoods, thus ensuring social stability.

The grid is comprised of three levels–the first level is managed by members of ITL Park's administrative committee, the second by the director of each sub-district office, and the third by full-time grid managers from the 41 basic administrative units.

The park has also established new procedures to strengthen the supervision of grid managers. They include regular training, patrol, supervision, responsibility checks, evaluations, and a reward and punishment system. 

Sun Yimin, director of the park's management committee, said that to improve the management efficiency of the "general grid", the ITL Park has sped up the development of an intelligent information platform. Issues collected from video surveillance, complaints, and patrols will be sent to the platform to be processed and distributed to a specific node in the grid, where they will be dealt with. 

By capitalizing on IoT and cloud computing technology, the platform will be able to collect and share data on social management and public services from a variety of regions, departments, levels, and fields.

As of the end of 2018, the "general grid" had investigated and prevented more than 180 cases of unlawful pollutant discharge and more than 130 cases of illegal construction. Over 40 inspections and 100 joint law enforcement investigations were conducted on about 1,100 enterprises.

The ITL Park has been able to use the new grid as way to comprehensively manage urban and rural areas, as it can now integrate all administrative management resources and extend supervision services across the entire park.