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Japanese news program showcases Xi’an culture

Updated: 2019-03-08

"Tang Fugui", a Xi'an cultural icon, appeared in a 10-minute exclusive interview on NHK's morning news program, a Japanese national media outlet, on March 6, showcasing China's cultural development to Japanese audiences.


"Tang Fugui", a Xi'an cultural icon, appears in a NHK news program. [Photo/ishaanxi.com]

Created by Xi'an designer Li Xiangyu based on the Six Steeds of the Zhaoling Mausoleum, the icon takes the appearance of a sturdy and strong horse with round features and delicate curves, which are supposed to represent wealth and health.

It took four months to complete the exclusive interview after a series of follow-up interviews in Nanjing, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Xi'an, and other cities.


"Tang Fugui" , a Xi'an cultural icon. [Photo/ishaanxi.com]

In the interview, a NHK reporter said that "Tang Fugui" works well as a symbol of Chinese culture. He hoped to bring awareness of China's cultural and creative industry to Japanese people.

The reporter also said he will contact some of the world's top Japanese artists to cooperate with Li Xiangyu, strengthening exchanges between Chinese and Japanese artists.

Li Xiangyu said he plans to help Xi'an go global with more cultural and creative products with the goal of spreading Chinese culture around the world.


Liu Xiangyu, the designer of "Tang Fugui". [Photo/ishaanxi.com]