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ITL Park cracks down on gang-related crimes

Updated: 2019-03-20

An event related to a crackdown on gang-related crimes was held in the Xinhang Garden community in the Xi'an International Trade and Logistics (ITL) Park on March 15, spreading public awareness of gang-related crimes.

The event consisted of a variety of performances that went on for over an hour, including song and dance performances, crosstalk performances, and sketches. The performances encouraged people to report anything suspicious immediately.

The question and answer activity received an enthusiastic response from audiences and concluded the event.

Police representatives were also invited to the event to discuss the park's efforts to fight gang-related crimes.


A representative of the police discusses the park's efforts to fight gang-related crimes. [Photo/itl.gov.cn]

"The event has spread awareness of gang-related crimes and given us the confidence to participate in the fight against gang-related crimes, " said Ms Guo, a resident of ITL Park.

In the future, ITL Park will organize similar events in schools, villages, and other institutions to further spread awareness of gang-related crimes.