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ITL Park launches colorful activities celebrating Dragon Boat Festival holiday

Updated: 2019-06-10

For the Dragon Boat Festival, which fell on June 7 this year, Xi'an International Trade & Logistic Park (ITL Park) held a series of activities to improve the awareness of traditional Chinese culture while providing fun for its residents.

During the three-day holiday, students from the park gave several recitations on both contemporary articles and ancient Chinese poems, expressing their respect to the traditional Chinese festival. 

"I've learned a lot by taking part in the festive activities, including making glutinous rice dumplings and recitations," said a student named Dong Keyan, adding that the event has provided better insight into the festival and strengthened their patriotism. 


Students and staff members from ITL Park make glutinous rice dumplings on June 6 to celebrate the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival. [Photo/itl.gov.cn]

In addition to the event, an awarding ceremony was held for residents whose courtyards were the most beautiful, which boosted their affection to their hometown. A competition on making colorful sachets also occurred, paying tribute to the intangible cultural heritage. 


Winners express thanks for their houses being chosen as the most beautiful ones by voters on ITL Park's official WeChat account. [Photo/itl.gov.cn]


Residents take part in a competition for making sachets, which is considered a festive custom for children during the Dragon Boat Festival. [Photo/itl.gov.cn]