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Xi’an’s high-quality logistics system drives fresh food industry

Updated: 2019-06-25

In recent years, with the high-quality development of the logistics industry, Xi'an's market for fresh products has also been expanding rapidly. A number of fresh e-commerce giants are accelerating their layout, and local companies are also striving to create distinctive e-commerce platforms for fresh products.


The rapid development of the logistics industry enriches the public's dining options. [Photo/xiancity.cn]

In 2016, Xi'an was listed as a pilot city for national modern logistics innovation development. In the past three years, Xi'an has realized breakthrough innovation in modern logistics, building major logistics infrastructure projects and optimizing the infrastructure layout.

As the first inland port in China that obtains international and domestic "double codes," Xi'an Port has signed cooperation agreements with more than 10 coastal border ports and harbors.

Xi'an Xianyang International Airport has five designated port qualifications for imported chilled aquatic products, aquatic animals, medicine, fruits, and meat.


A variety of fresh products allows consumers to make more diversified choices. [Photo/xiancity.cn]

The city has established six customs special supervision areas, such as comprehensive bonded zones and export processing zones.

In the future, Xi'an will accelerate the development of cold chain logistics and support the construction of refrigerated logistics centers for major agricultural products, as well as encourage multimodal transport services, such as sea-railway combined transportation.