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Logo and mascots unveiled for National Games of China

Updated: 2019-08-06

The logo and four mascots of the 14th National Games of China were officially unveiled at Xi’an City Wall on Aug 2. The event will be held in Shaanxi province in 2021.


The logo of the 14th National Games of China. [Photo by Li Yibo/xinhuanet.com]

The central part of the logo includes Baota Mountain, Yanhe River, and house caves. The ring part of it forms human movements representing three sports: track and field, ball sports, and swimming.

With the main colors of yellow, green, blue, purple, and red, the colors stands for the Loess Plateau, ecological civilization, modern technology, cultural charm, and the province being the cradle of the Red Army respectively.

The mascots are based on the unique four treasures of Qinling Mountain, namely crested ibis, giant pandas, takins, and golden monkeys. They are named Zhuzhu, Xiongxiong, Lingling, and Jinjin.


Zhuzhu, one of the mascots of the 14th National Games of China. [Photo by Li Yibo/xinhuanet.com]

In addition, the official website of the 14th National Games  went live on the day at www.2021shaanxi.com.

Starting from May 18, 2018, the event's preparatory committee launched a campaign soliciting logo and mascot ideas from the public. It received 1,012 logo and 256 mascot submissions until Aug 1, 2018.


The mascots of the 14th National Games of China are showcased. [Photo by Li Yibo/xinhuanet.com]

The committee also invited designers from 20 well-known domestic design institutions to give suggestions on the mascots before they were approved by the General Administration of Sports on May 27 this year.

The Xi'an Olympic Sports Center, the mian venue of the event, is located in Xi'an International Trade and Logistics Park. It is currently under construction and will be complated by the end of the year.