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ITL Park assists village through industrial poverty alleviation efforts

Updated: 2019-12-02

Since the beginning of this year, Xi'an International Trade and Logistics (ITL) Park has assisted Qingping village, Bayuan town, Lantian county through industrial poverty alleviation efforts, effectively helping lift poverty-stricken households out of poverty.

Through the production model of "company + cooperative + farmer household," Qingping village has developed agricultural industries, such as sweet corn, edible mushrooms, and Chinese bee breeding.


Villagers harvest sweet corn. [Photo/itl.gov.cn]

With the help of ITL Park, the village signed a purchasing contract with Xi'an Henglv Technology Development Co, and expanded new sales channels, such as e-commerce platforms, community marketing, and WeChat marketing.

ITL Park has also developed a new industry for the village through a photovoltaic power generation project, while continuing to develop the agricultural industry in the village.

The project adopts the model of "enterprise + Party branch + poverty-stricken households," with a total installed capacity of 72 kilowatts, and an investment of 500,000 yuan ($71,112.63) by ITL Park.

After the project is completed, it is estimated that each poverty-stricken household’s annual income will increase by 500 yuan.