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Chinese New Year book fair starts in ITL Park

Updated: 2019-12-30

The 2020 book fair of the Enjoy Chinese New Year in Xi'an activity started at the Western Center of Publication Trading in Xi'an International Trade and Logistics (ITL) Park on Dec 28.


The 2020 book fair of the "Enjoy Chinese New Year in Xi'an" activity starts in ITL Park Dec 28. [Photo/itl.xa.gov.cn]

Hosted by ITL Park, the Western Center of Publication Trading and the Spiritual Wealth Club, the book fair aims to promote reading among the public, and improve the cultural literacy and reading level of the local.

At the event, a large variety of copyrighted books were available at large discounts, attracting book lovers from all over Xi'an.


Citizens enjoy reading at the book fair. [Photo/itl.xa.gov.cn]

In 2020, ITL Park will continue to cooperate with cultural publishing companies to provide convenient reading conditions and create a favorable environment for reading, in order to contribute to the development of Xi'an as a city of books.