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Freight train ensures logistics channel connecting Europe

Updated: 2020-02-25

A China-Europe Chang'an freight train departed from Xi'an Port in Xi'an International Trade and Logistics (ITL) Park on Feb 22, heading for the Russian capital Moscow via Manzhouli land port in northern China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, according to ITL Park officials.

Loaded with light industrial products, auto parts, apparel, shoes and hats, the freight train will arrive in Moscow in about 12 days.

Relying on multimodal transport, Xi'an Port has built itself up into becoming an important trade and logistics channel connecting Europe and Asia.

Officials said that during the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the freight train is responsible for the transportation of epidemic prevention and control materials and necessities.

ITL Park has cooperated with Xi'an customs, Xinzhu Railway Station and Xi'an Branch of China Railway Intermodal to improve the transit time of domestic and foreign goods arriving in Xi'an Central Station -- and add returning trains to facilitate the supply of various materials during the epidemic.

As of Feb 19, the freight train had made a total of 285 trips this year, 1.9 times that for the same period last year. Of these, 116 trips were to Central Asia and 169 trips to Europe, 1.4 times and 2.5 times the same period last year respectively.

 "Since February, the freight train has maintained an average of four to five trains per day," said Sun Yimin, director of the management committee of ITL Park.

 "Next, ITL Park will further optimize the transportation process and improve the operating efficiency, on the basis of ensuring epidemic prevention security. "