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Services of the park


Facilities cover general business, finance, insurance, consultation, training, exhibitions, bus terminals, and vehicle maintenance.

Investment environment and advantages


Xi'an is an important city in China's interior, which sits on the New Eurasian Land Bridge, a land route that plays a vital role in China's western development strategy. The Center has a convenient transportation network and good infrastructure and is just five kilometers from the city's new administrative center, and 28 kilometers from Xi'an's Xianyang International Airport. Xi'an is also an important cultural site with an interesting environment.

Infrastructure of the park


The center will supply ample amounts of water and electricity during the construction phase and, after completion, will provide additional support in telecommunications, gas, and heat.

Xi'an Comprehensive Bonded Zone's advantages for cooperation


Located in XITLP, Xi'an International Inland Port Bonded Logistics Investment & Construction Co takes advantage of the preferential policies in the comprehensive bonded zone to promote business coordination with coastal ports, including Tianjin Port, Qingdao Port and Shanghai Port.

Research capability


Xi'an is competitive in scientific research, housing nine national scientific research bases, 44 colleges and universities, 34 private universities and other higher education institutions, 334 doctoral programs and 826 master's programs, 60 State key disciplines and 385 provincial leading academic disciplines.

Infrastructure of Xi'an Comprehensive Bonded Zone


Xi'an has an ample water supply with supply capacity of 181 tons daily. The water quality is in accordance with national drinking water standards. The rivers running through Xi'an International Trade & Logistics Park (XITLP) ensure the stable water supply in the zone.

Greening campaign launched in ITL Park


A tree-planting activity was held in the Xi'an International Trade & Logistics (ITL) Park on March 5, which is also a prelude to the greening campaign this spring.

ITL takes efforts to control pollution and haze


A conference was held in Xi'an International Trade & Logistics (ITL) Park on March 5 discussing this year’s plan and the task of pollution and haze control.

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