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ITL’s freight trains get off to a flying start


The international freight trains "Chang'an" that connect the inland city Xi'an to Central Asia and Europe have made good performance in the first month of 2018.

Kindergarten teachers receive first aid training


Protection on the kindergarten children was strengthened in the Xi'an ITL Park as the teachers received first aid training on Feb 1.

ITL holds online shopping carnival for Spring Festival


Residents in Xi'an can now buy nianhuo, or special purchases for the Spring Festival without stepping out of their houses as the Xi'an ITL Park inaugurates an online shopping festival on Feb 7.

ITL promotes traffic etiquette and safety


The Xi'an ITL Park carried out an activity on Jan 30 to promote traffic etiquette and safety and embrace the upcoming travel rush for the Spring Festival.

Shaanxi's GDP grows 8% in 2017


Shaanxi's GDP exceeded 2.18 trillion yuan in 2017, with a year-on-year increase of eight percent, according to the government work report released at the first session of the 13th Shaanxi Provincial People's Congress held in Xi'an on Jan 25.

Xi'an and Sanmenxia join hands in business


An economic forum was held in Xi'an, Shaanxi province on Jan 21 to further develop business relations between Xi'an and Sanmenxia, Henan province.

ITL kindergarten hosts open day


The ITL No 1 kindergarten held an open day on Jan 19, where parents were invited to learn about the children's school life and play games with their kids.

ITL kindergarten strengthens school-parent communication


The No 1 kindergarten at the Xi'an ITL Park invited parents to attend a discussion which revolved around the creation of a better educational environment on Jan 11.