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Shaanxi: An inland province connecting the world


The northwestern Chinese province of Shaanxi has been endeavoring to strengthen its connection with the outside world.

Xi'an regulates public bike market


The Xi'an Municipal Price Bureau announced on May 4 that charges for the use of public bicycles will fluctuate with the market to facilitate the travel of citizens.

Xi'an ITL Park launches poverty relief campaign


The Xi'an International Trade and Logistics Park launched a poverty alleviation campaign at an official meeting on April 30.

Xi'an to reward public for environment protection


Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi province, has announced to increase rewarding funds for local residents involved in the city’s environmental protection progress.

Container libraries emerge in Xi'an


Libraries repurposed from shipping containers have recently been distributed throughout Xi'an.

ITL promotes construction of Xinzhu logistics base


House demolitions were carried out in Xi’an International Trade and Logistics Park on April 20 to accelerate construction of the Xinzhu railway logistics base.

Belt and Road Initiative opens new era of global cooperation


Xi'an now has freight train routes to Budapest, Hamburg, Moscow and Warsaw, taking Chinese goods to Europe and bringing wine, olive oil and pharmaceuticals back to China.

Xi'an port: A dry port shines on Silk Road


Xi'an in Northwest China's Shaanxi province is rapidly emerging as one of China’s most important inland ports.

New HSR connects Xi'an with Chengdu


A high-speed test train departed from Xi'an North Railway Station on June 20, beginning its comprehensive test run on the Shaanxi section of the Xi'an-Chengdu high-speed railway (HSR).

ITL holds social development workshop


A workshop to discuss the implementation and development of "China Dream" was held in ITL.

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