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Bouquet of the international wine festival in Xi'an


The 6th International Wine Festival was held at the Western International Wine Trade Center of the Xi'an ITL Park from Oct 21 to 22.

Exchange brings new opportunity to international logistics


An exchange forum was held at Xi'an ITL Park on Oct 19 to discuss the state and future of the international logistics industry.

ITL Park tracks 19th CPC congress


Party members and cadres watched the opening session of the 19th CPC National Progress at the Xi'an ITL Park on Oct 18.

Common people take to the stage to tell their stories


An activity was held on Oct 13 at the Xi'an ITL Park to allow the city's citizens to share stories of pursuing their dreams.

Comic fair advocates integrity


Nearly 100 party members of the Xi'an International ITL Park visited a comic fair at the Xi'an Museum on Oct 13.

Thousands of jobs up for grabs in ITL park


Xi'an ITL Park hosted a job fair on Oct 14 to attract new candidates and to coordinate the area's surplus staff.

ITL's kindergarten starts heating in advance


The heating system at the No 1 Kindergarten of the Xi'an ITL Park was switched on ahead of time on Oct 11, about a month earlier than planned.

Reforms to expedite FTZ development in Xi'an


Xi'an ITL Park was tasked to innovate reforms to speed up the construction of the China (Shaanxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone on Oct 11.

ITL’s freight trains get off to a flying start


The international freight trains "Chang'an" that connect the inland city Xi'an to Central Asia and Europe have made good performance in the first month of 2018.

Kindergarten teachers receive first aid training


Protection on the kindergarten children was strengthened in the Xi'an ITL Park as the teachers received first aid training on Feb 1.

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