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ITL Happiness Community project


The ITL Happiness Community project covers a total land area of 9.94 hectares with a floor area ratio of 3.3.

Standard warehouse base project in ITL Lintong Industrial Park


The construction of the standard warehouse project, located in Lintong Industrial Park of the Xi’an International Trade and Logistics Park (ITL), includes a standard warehouse, transit site, parking lot, and a storage center with public facilities.

Logistics information platform project for ITL Lintong Industrial Park


The logistics information platform for Lintong Industrial Park, in the Xi'an International Trade and Logistics Park (ITL), is based on the system connector of freight companies, freight forwarding service companies and other government logistics departments.

Weinan to promote three key projects


Representatives of the Economic Development Zone of Weinan city, Shaanxi province, attended the first Yellow River Golden Triangle Investment and Cooperation Symposium.

Public infrastructure project of ITL Lintong Industrial Park


The first phase of the public infrastructure project of Lintong Industrial Park of the Xi'an International Trade and Logistics Park (ITL), will involve the construction of urban roads with a total length of 15 miles at a cost of 400 million yuan.

Project of Import and Export Base PV Industry


The Import and Export Base of the Solar Photovoltaic Industry, located inside the Xi'an Comprehensive Bonded Zone, is a key project of Shaanxi province.

Central and West Commodities Trading Center Co Ltd


The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xi'an Maike Metal International Group with a registered capital of 300 million yuan ($49 million).

Trade center of clothing and textile


Located in China South City of Xi'an International Trade and Logistics Park, the clothing and textile trade center is a comprehensive trading center with a construction area of 480,000 square meters.

ITL Park's contribution to FTZ noted on one-year anniversary


Many media representatives paid a visit to Xi'an International Trade and Logistics (ITL) Park on April 11 and April 12 to mark the one-year anniversary of the establishment of the China (Shannxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone.

Sub-campus of Alibaba's Taobao University opens in Xi'an


The opening ceremony of the Silkroad e-commerce Kazakhstan training class as well as the sub-campus of Alibaba's Taobao University in Xi'an was held in Xi'an on April 18.

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