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Taxes on goods in the bonded logistics center


If the goods are produced by companies in the center and exported directly or sold to other companies in the center, no value-added taxes or consumer taxes will be levied.

Inspection and quarantine of imported and exported goods warehoused


Inspection and quarantine offices do a one-time inspection and quarantine check for groups of goods entering or exiting the center.

Special policy support for bonded logistics


Any domestic goods in the center's bonded warehouses are treated as exports with the right to apply for a tax rebate. The center provides bonded warehousing for imports as well, including delivery and distribution.

Main preferential policies for investment


Xi'an, located in the West China, enjoys the preferential policies promulgated by Chinese government for the West China Development in addition to the national preferential policies for foreign investment. Meanwhile, the local government, too, has issued and implemented some peculiar preferential policies to attract foreign investment.

Foreign exchange administration policies


For import and export with enterprises outside the zone, enterprises in the zone are not responsible for collection verification and writing-off proceeds in terms of offshore enterprises. Enterprises outside of the zone within China are responsible for collection verification and writing-off proceeds.

Policies on inspection and quarantine


For enterprises within the zone, warehousing logistics cargo, office supplies used in-house and raw materials used for export processing that come from abroad are exempt from compulsory certification.

Customs supervision policies


Customs will administrate cargo trade in the zone with a record-filing system.

Policies on bonded logistics warehousing and import and export trade


The free trade zone places no limit on storage items and time. Under the instruction of the owner who holds the rights in rem, cargo in the bonded warehouse is free from value-added tax or consumption tax in terms of delivery or marketing in the zone, other special supervision areas or regions abroad, either with or without simple processing.

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ITL Park celebrates first 'Xi'an Ecological Day'


The launch ceremony for the Xi'an International Trade and Logistics (ITL) Park's first "Xi'an Ecological Day" promotional activity was held at Qihang Park on Feb 15.

China-Europe freight train shines at Xi'an 'two sessions'


The third session of the 14th Xi'an Municipal Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) began on Feb 14, while the fourth session of the 16th Xi'an Municipal People's Congress began on Feb 15.

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