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Segment of Datong-Xi'an railway line in Shaanxi


The Datong-Xi'an railway line, linking Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces, went into operation.

The Muslim Quarter in Xi'an


One of the best-known parts of Xi'an is the Muslim Quarter. Visitors to the city will consider it a whirlwind lesson in bartering and delicious-looking street foods.

Culinary indulgence in Xi'an


Good food is a mini cosmos itself, a place where flavors combine well with textures to create a generally pleasing sensation.

Culture Insider: Chinese shadow puppetry


A shadow puppet play is a form of folk opera that involves cutting animal skin or hard paper into figures and using them in a performance in front of an illuminated backdrop to create the illusion of moving images.

Time travelers


Shaanxi sets its sights on putting the Silk Road on the tourist map.

Shaanxi highlights its natural attractions


According to the Shaanxi Tourism Bureau, a new flight from Hangzhou to Paris via Xi'an, will be available from Sept 3, 2014.

Officials, developer punished for dismantling ancient temple


Five county officials and an estate developer in Luonan county, Shaanxi province, have been punished after an ancient temple was dismantled to make way for a commercial estate, China Daily learned on Friday.

Water basin mutton in Xi'an


Water basin mutton uses mutton and prepared soup as its main material. Other secondary materials include vermicelli, garlic sprouts, and coriander.